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2007 Horocope

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Your New Horoscope of 2007!

Aries 21/3-20/4

You may have noticed that Aries is very stubborn. They are very easy to rush into things. In 2007, you have to learn how to do planning as it is still important.

However, the sign shows that you can achieve very much in 2007, take it easy, you will agree to go slow and steady.

You have been blessed for a while by the energy. It will become more potent with Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius.

Keep your mind open and adventurous. In the New Year, try to devise bold plans for the future!

Taurus 21/4-20/5

For Taurus, 2007 indicates the end of a two years period of transformation determined by Saturn. It is time to make adjustments and grow.

Thanks to Jupiter, in March-May, you will find your love life is booming and your finical benefits are growing in. Be ready to take advantage of such favourable auspices!

From the autumn, your love life may progress a lot. Creative activities will be favoured as well.

Gemini 21/5-21/6

In 2007 Gemini will get support for social success from Jupiter, while as Saturn has been helping you polish your communication skill although you are already very good at that.

Do you realise the importance of partnership? Jupiter will help you to know and treat them seriously. Cooperating with others may bring you great achievements.

For Gemini, 2007 is also a very favourable year for getting married.

Cancer 22/6-22/7

Are you planning for any trips in 2007? In 2007, the sign shows Cancer will bring exciting trips and mental journeys prepared by March eclipses and activated by the New Moon in April.

You have been independent for the last three years. However from April 2007 on, when it will meet the North Node, Uranus will bring impetuous people and unexpected events in your life, helping you redefine the path you need to follow.

Leo 23/7-22/8

Leo, you are going to enjoy a tremendously favourable time for creative endeavours in 2007. Have you been dreaming for a long time and trying so hard to achieve something since mid 2005? In 2007, it seems like your dream will become true. Notice the change since January.

Virgo 23/8-22/9

Virgo had a busy year in 2006 and will begin 2007 with a time off. You need to relax and recharge your batteries. Enjoy the time off, for September 2007; you will have the busiest time in years.

In 2007, relationships with others are crucial; no matter they are your business partners, friends or family. Jupiter will stimulate your evolution in the love department.

Libra 23/9-21/10

In 2007, Libra can achieve a lot from the support of Jupiter, Saturn (discipline), Pluto (power) and Neptune (creativity).

You will see the sunshine is waving for you after a long period of coldness. Now, all path to success is unblock and welcoming you into intellectual and social departments.

As for your love life, Saturn opposing Neptune in February and June will help you get rid of certain hopeless relationships.

Scorpio 22/10-21/11

For Scorpio, 2007 will bring fortune to you. You will finally be able to build security and look after your loved ones.

You have been working hard since mid-2005, and have been through a hard time in 2006. Although you put much effort, the results have been rather frustrating. However now Jupiter joins your ruler-- Pluto and all difficulties will vanish. From March on, you can make nice money with little effort.

Sagittarius 22/11-21/12

In 2007, Sagittarius will experience the rich personal life you have been wanting for over 10 years. You have been put through the toughest emotional times by Pluto since 1995 Pluto has put you through the toughest emotional times. Now, Jupiter will take you out of the dark and teach you to enjoy life and be positive.

It is a good time to make plans for the future, what is the most important thing in your life? Most efficient months will be March-August 2007.

Capricorn 22/12-19/1

For Capricorn, 2007 will bring a boost of creativity, and high achievements.

You are decided to make major changes in your life, and will receive support from Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn for 8 months to help you make plans for the future and wise investments. You will manage to achieve everything you set out to and build well-deserved security.

Aquarius 20/1-18/2

For Aquarius, you have to make a balance in 2007.

Neptune in Aquarius will give you a gift of vision on wealth and career.

In 2007 try to build connection with quality people and try to team-up with like-minded people, as you may benefit in the relationships, indicated by Saturn.

Pisces 19/2-20/3

2007 means the end of a difficult period for Pisces.

Thanks to the support from Jupiter, especially in your career, but also in your love life. Especially September - December, there will be much more commitment in your partnership.

Did you have a spending year in 2006? However, in the coming year, your effort will be paid off. You will have the opportunity to succeed with hardly any effort as North Node in Pisces starting in January.