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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Rules

The purpose of the game is for the player to predict on which number the ball in the wheel of fortune will stop.

The player must first choose the amount he wants to bet according to the minimal and maximal limits established and he must then choose the number on which he is going to bet, in other words the number on which he believes the ball of the wheel of fortune will stop.

The dealer will then make activate the Wheel of Fortune. The result of the game is the number in the Wheel of Fortune on which the ball stops once the Wheel of Fortune has ceased to turn. The player wins his bet when the ball stops on the number he has predicted. In order for the result to be valid, the Wheel of Fortune must not be disturbed and must also do three full turns.

The dealer takes the losing bets and pays the winning bets according to the following scheme:

Bet Payment ratio

Number of possibilities

on the Wheel of Fortune

1 1 to 1 24
2 2 to 1 15
5 5 to 1 7
10 10 to 1 4
20 20 to 1 2
40 Joker 40 to 1 1
40 Casino 40 to 1 1


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