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Quebec: EZ baccarat will land very soon in casinos


Imminently, regular customers of casino will be able to discover a new casino game, the EZ Baccarat. Classic table gaming, EZ Baccarat is the efficient solution to hope winning easily at casino, thanks to its very simple rules. Rules are defined as following: during a party of EZ Baccarat, on online casino or in land-based establishments, players bet by predicting which of the hands, the one of a player apart of this one of the bank, will be the nearest from the value 9. In fact, the gamer will play the party between a player and a casino dealer.
At EZ Baccarat, the king, the queen, the jack and the 10 have a value of 0, but the other cards keep their attributive value. The gambler can also bet on the eventual equality of the hands value of the opponents. Like in the game Black Jack Live, EZ Baccarat plans additional bets. At EZ Baccarat, these stakes are named “la mise additionnelle Panda” and “la mise additionnelle Dragon 7”.

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