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Casino War

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Casino War Rules

The Casino War game is one of the easiest games found on online casinos and which is played with 6 decks of cards.

The player must first decide the amount per game he wants to gamble and then he must press the button “PLAY”. Once the game begins the player and the dealer receive a card each. The winner of the game will be the one who has the card with the highest values.

The cards order simply depends of the cards own value. The lowest card is the card number 2 and the highest card is the A.

If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s one, the player takes back his initial bet and wins the same amount he bet. If the player has a card with a lower value than the dealer’s one, he will lose his initial bet.

To start a new game the player has to press the button“PLAY”.

Special situations
If the card of the player is an As and that the dealer receives a 2 of the same family (leaf, diamonds, heart or spade) the player’s gain will then be doubled (he will win twice his initial bet and will also take back his initial bet).

If the value cards of the player and the dealer are identical, the player can either give up the game and lose half of his initial bet, by pressing the button “STOP”, or continue to play and start the war, by pressing the button “WAR”.

To fight a war the player will have to increase his bet by doubling his initial bet. The dealer will hit first 2 cards, which will stay face down, then he will hit a card for himself and after he will hit a card for the player. The last two cards will be face up. The one between the player and the dealer who has the highest card will win war and so all the bets in the game.