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Getting Started

Choose the right sites

Before starting any games, it is wise to take a look at the reviews of the online gambling especially on a reputable guide site. Normally play on the official sites can avoid being disappointed. Ask your friends who played with online casino for suggestions. There are also directory sites and forums that you could check out.

A lot of licensed internet sites are reputable and can be trusted. Always to see if there is a telephone number included on the site for contacting the casino. It is important to know that you can get in contact if needs be, with a real person.

It is also a good idea to avoid sites that offer signing bonuses that seem too good to be true. The standard for the industry is a bonus of 10 to 20%. Be sure to look for sites that advertise broadly. These are sites that realise the importance of advertising and are not afraid to spend to attract their target market. Those that don't advertise may be just looking for a quick buck.

The software

All online casinos use software that is produced by a few manufactures. Although some differences may exist from site to site, in general they are very similar. In all cases the software designer keeps the customer in mind with stress placed on fairness, ease of play, and customer service.

Playing online is certainly easier than land based casinos. In many cases you will have to download their software but some allow you to play online without downloading the software. Just go to the website of the casino at which you wish to play and download their software. When prompted, save it to your computer. Then install it. You should never have to pay for software.

Now you need to set up an account in which you can deposit money for wagering. This can be done through the use of the downloaded software where you will have a place to enter personal information and credit card information. You may choose other ways to transfer money to the casino such as a bank draft or account transfer. When you submit this information to the online casino the information is encrypted so that others on the Internet are not able to read it. You set the amount to be deposited into your account and then you use this money to purchase chips for playing online.

You can contact the site operator to have money credited to your card. If winnings exceed the initial deposit money is paid out by bank wire or by a check in the mail.

Chances of winning

Since obviously the casino is in business to make money, but most still allow the customer to win, it really just depends on the casino. If you are dealing with any of the internet casinos that are well established you will be getting odds equal to or possibility better than those available at Las Vegas. In the future we may be seeing a means of certifying that the odds really are what they say they are. Meanwhile it is best to stay away from the smaller casinos that may be less likely to adhere to established online casino standards.

Inquires and complaints

The Interactive Gaming Council can be contacted of you have a complaint against any of their member casinos. It is a good idea to first look at the online casino’s FAQ sheet before choosing a casino. From this you can learn about how the betting is carried out, what odds are offered, and especially the policy in place for cashing out your money. The more information you have the easier it is to decide where the best place to play is.

If you do not feel comfortable about playing at a site then find one that you like better. It is also very important to look into the site’s Privacy Policy. From this you can learn what the site does with the information that you give it or that they get while you are playing on their site.

If the internet connection goes down while you are in the middle of a big wager than you need to contact the online site to get credit for your wager that was in progress. It is crucial that you have access to customer service at a time like this. You must have the availability of a customer service representative at such a time.