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BlackJack Rules

Our Blackjack game is composed of a dealer and a player.

The dealer has 6 deck cards all mixed together.

Before the dealer starts dealing the cards, the player chooses the amount he wants to bet by double clicking on the chips pile, varying from 1€, 5€, 10€, 25€, 50€, 100€ to 500€, in order to place his bets. After placing his bet(s) the player must press the button “PLAY".

As soon as the dealer starts dealing the cards the player cannot change his bets anymore.

Different buttons will lighten according to the different possibilities in order to facilitate the game play. For example, if it is possible to split the cards into two piles, the button “SPLIT” will appear allowing the player to play with two separate games.

The purpose of the Black Jack is for the player to reach or to be as close as possible to a total amount of 21 by summing the values of all the cards received by the dealer but always without exceeding the amount of 21. The player will win the game if he has a total amount of 21 or if his total amount is higher than the one of the dealer, bearing in mind that he will lose the game if he exceeds the amount of 21. If the amount of player is equal to the amount of the dealer, the player will take back his initial bet. Each card will count according to the value of the number written on it. Figures like Jack, Queen or King have each the value of ten. With an As the player has the choice to count the card as 11 or 1 according to his preference.

It has to be very clear that the game is between the dealer and player not between players. The main purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by hitting cards until it gets to 21 or close, not to compete with other players.

It is much easier for new players to learn the rules of Blackjack through the internet than in land casinos. You can not only avoid the pressure from the real casinos but also bet far more beyond your budget influenced by other players. These are the players should try to avoid. You can learn the rules from, play free online games without downloading, and bet as much as you want without worrying about the budget. Once you think you are ready you can start to play the games with real money.

The game rules of online casinos and land casinos are the same but as we mentioned before it might be different by each time to play. However it is much easier to play games online by just clicking on it. Moreover using well-designed software can prevent you from making substantial mistakes.

If you have read through all these information you must want to try it out now. Click on online games to practice.


The player can press the button “DOUBLE” after having received his first two cards.

This option will double automatically the initial bet made by the player and it will serve the player a third card face up.

The player will not be able to receive any other card.

It is only possible for the player to double when he receives his first two cards or after having split his game.


If the first two cards received by the player have the same value, the player will be entitled to split his hand into two different hands.

This option will place automatically a bet, equal to the initial bet, on the second hand. Each hand will then be played independently.

The player plays now with two different hands and he can ask as many cards as he wants for each of his hands so long as he does not exceed 21.


The player can press the button “STOP” after having received his first two cards.

This operation allows the player to quit the game and to recover entirely or half of his initial bet. The game will then start again as normal.


The player has the choice to take an “INSURANCE” when the card face up of the dealer is an As. This means that the player may gamble one half of his initial bet in order to assure not to lose his entire bet if the dealer shows, besides his As, a hand with a 10 or a figure.

If the hand of the dealer is an As and a 10, the player win twice and a half time his insurance bet (which means he would keep his initial bet and his insurance bet).

If the card face down of the dealer has a value of less than 10, the player will lose his insurance bet and the game continue as normal. The winner will be the one who is the closest to 21.


There is equality when the dealer and the player have the same total amount in their respective account. In case of equality no one lose and the player takes his initial bet back.