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Let Them Ride

Let Them Ride rules

The player must first choose the amount he wants to gamble according to the minimal and maximal limits which are indicated and must then place three times the same bets. By pressing many times on the desired amount the player can add chips to his initial bets.

The player will receive three cards after confirmation of his initial bet. In addition to the first three cards two other cards belonging to the dealer will be face down on the top of the table. The purpose of the game is for the player to form the strongest hand possible with his three cards and with the two other cards of the dealer. The player has the choice to withdraw part of his bet if he believes that his hand is too weak, by pressing the button “WITHDRAW”. If he wants to continue he will have to press the button “CONTINUE”.

The dealer will then return one of the cards face down. The player will have again the option, if he desires so, to withdraw part of his bet by pressing either “WITHDRAW” or “CONTINUE”.

The second card face down will now be revealed. The player will win some gains if his hand is a winning hand. If he does not have a winning hand he will lose his bet. The payment Scheme is posted on the game table. Therefore in case of a winning hand the player’s gains will be proportional to the bets on the game table.