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Casino Crockfords: Phil Ivey prosecutes the casino


Recognized to be the best poker player in the world, Phil Ivey is from now on at the heart of controversy. Recently, the latter made himself remarked after taking part in a baccarat table at the casino of Crockfords, on last October. Contrary to his performances during poker tournaments, the “Tiger Wood of poker” has been this time, suspected of cheating by playing baccarat. In fact, after winning the sum of 7.3 million pounds in the casino, the latter reimbursed only the departure stake of £ 1M. The casino suspects him to cheat.
Phil Ivey decided to react by pursuing the casino Crockfords, on last May 7th, in front of the English justice; and this fact, after trying to negotiate with the casino during several months. The Genting Group, in its side, emphasizes that Phil Ivey really cheated by finding the defaults of the distributed cards, allowing him then, to recognize the cards which will be distributed. Besides, he was accompanied by a young woman coming from Asia, throughout all the session. Apart from baccarat, other games such as Roulette Live, Black Jack or slot machines are also available for players online.

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