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Video Poker

Video Poker Rules

The Video Poker machines are part of the big family of slot machines, but the different combinations are the one of the poker. The purpose of the Video Poker is to obtain the best game possible with 5 poker cards.

The player must first choose the amount he wants to gamble and the number of time he wants to gamble this amount ( by pressing one or more times on the button “BET 1”, or, if the player decides to bet the maximum amount per game, by pressing the button “BET MAX”). The player must then press a first time on the button “CARDS” in order for him to receive the first 5 cards.

After having chosen the cards he wants to keep in hand, the player must press again the button “CARDS” and the dealer will then distribute him the new cards, according to the number of cards returned by the player (the player must have in total 5 cards in hand). However this operation will happen only one time per game).

The purpose of this game is to obtain the best combination of cards possible in order to win high gains.

The gains scheme can vary according to the tables on which the player is.

Example of gains scheme for the Video Poker “Jack or Better”:

Jacks or better: The player only wins if he receives a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or As. A lower pair will not entitle him to win anything.

Double pair: Two pairs of two different rank (e.g. a pair of kings and a pair of 2).

Three of a kind: Three card with the same rank (e.g. three 7).

Straight: Five consecutive cards but with different colors (e.g. 2 of heart, 3 of spade, 4 of leaf, 5 of diamonds, 6 of leaf).

Flush: Five cards of the same family without any order (e.g. 2, A, 9, 5, Q of heart).

Full house: Three cards of the same rank and a pair (e.g. three 7 and two 8).

Four of a kind: Four cards of the same rank (e.g. 7 of diamonds, 7 of leaf, 7 of heart, 7 of spade).

Straight flush: Five consecutive cards of the same family (e.g. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of leaves).

Royal straight flush: Five consecutive cards of the same family starting from 10 and ending with As (e.g. 10, Jack, Queen, King, As of spade).

1� Coin 2� Coins 3� Coins 4� Coins 5� Coins
� � Royal straightflush 250 500 750 1000 3000
� � Straightflush 50 10 150 200 250
� � Four of a kind 25 40 60 80 100
� � Fullhouse 6 12 18 30 35
� � Flush 5 10 15 24 25
� � Straight 4 8 12 16 20
� � Three of a kind 3 6 9 12 15
� � Double pair 2 4 6 8 10
� � Jacks or better 1 2 3 4 5