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Blackjack Strategy

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BlackJack Strategy

You will find a lot of information here about Blackjack rules and strategy plus the tips of how to improve your skills to win the game.

When new players started to play Blackjack, they properly may not realise the real purpose of the game. New players would think that to reach the highest points 21 or be closer to the point is the aim. The answer is no. It is only part of the rules. The real purpose of the game is to beat the dealer to win. In fact, it does not matter if you have 14 or 21 on hands to beat the dealer; the result is the same – you are the winner! Of course it would be an advantage to get better cards so that the chance to win is higher.

For example, you can start the game when you and dealer both get the cards. There are two common ways to play among several options: "Hit" and "Stop". "Hit" means to get another card, obviously “Stop” means do not need another card; just keep whatever you have on hands in the hope to beat the dealer.

Other options you can choose to play are "Split”and "Double". If you have two cards sharing the same value, you can split them up. In other words these two cards will be divided into two hands and play together. For instance, you have two 8s, if you add them up will get 16 points (not an advantageous card), but it will be very wise of you to split them because you may have two chances to get 18 points. However, it requires you to put the same initial bet as the other one in order to play as two players.

After you split the cards, you will get a second card from dealer for the first player, and then the dealer will make you to decide whether you want to hit another card until you choose to stop. Then, the dealer will give the second player another card depending on your decision.

Besides the above mentioned two options, you can also play
“Double”. If your first two cards have a total point of 9, 10 or 11, you can choose to “double” your bet. By doing that, you may wish the next card will make it a good hand. The problem is if you have 10 points already the next card is a 2, you can’t hit another card but beat dealer with a total point of 12. If you want to choose “double” it is better to have 10 or 11 points on hand, so if the next card is 10, then you can expect to have 20 or 21 points. Please notice what the first card the dealer shows, if it is a 4, 5 or 6 which presents the dealer has 14, 15 or 16 points already. In this case it would be the right time to “double” your bet.

The Blackjack rule for dealer is quite simple. If the points on dealer’s hand are 16 or less, the dealer has to hit another card, but if it is 17 or more they can’t hit more cards. We recommend that you read the game rules on The online Blackjack is quite easy to play once you are familiar with the rules. Do not think the rule of Blackjack is never changed; in fact small changes occur when each time to play.qian when do you think the new hk will be online?

It has to be very clear that the game is between the dealer and player not between players. The main purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by hitting cards until it gets to 21 or close, not to compete with other players.

It is much easier for new players to learn the rules of Blackjack through the internet than in land casinos. You can not only avoid the pressure from the real casinos but also bet far more beyond your budget influenced by other players. These are the players should try to avoid. You can learn the rules from, play free online games without downloading, and bet as much as you want without worrying about the budget. Once you think you are ready you can start to play the games with real money.

The game rules of online casinos and land casinos are the same but as we mentioned before it might be different by each time to play. However it is much easier to play games online by just clicking on it. Moreover using well-designed software can prevent you from making substantial mistakes.