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How to play

Casino.HK Mahjong

How to play:

Once you are at the game, enter your name on the left or default as Player 1. Then press Roll Dice to decide who is East (dealer) then press Deal. The titles are shuffled and ready to serve, press “start” the game.

Always start from East and play anticlockwise. Take a quick look of your hands see what you’ve got, if you are East then take your time. There isn’t a time limit when it is your turn to play.

The basic rule of Mah-Jong is to comprise the tiles to three/four of a kind with pairs as soon as possible before other players have Mah-Jong first.
Go to Introduction where tells you more about Mah-Jong.

Some basic rules to remember:

- You can only “chow” the tile from your left player to make a straight

- Computer will automatically form the highest straight, for example, if you have 3, 4, and 6, 7, and receiving a 5 from your left player, the straight will be formed as 5,6,7 not 3,4,5. That is to make sure you get the higher score.

- You can “Pung” (3 of a kind when you’ve got a pair) or “Kong” (4 of a kind when you’ve got 3 of a kind)

- The picture tiles are shown automatically on the table, and the points will be calculated later on.

The status of each player will be shown on the screen; either they are “Thinking”, “Chow”, “Pung” or “Kong”. The winner of the game will announce that he’s got Mah-Jong. The scores of all the players will be calculated on the Right side.


i.e. South Wind goes Mah-Jong with 80 points

West has 60, North has 40, East has 20

West and North pay the winner 80 points

East pays the winner 160 points (2 x 80) North pays West 20 points (60-40) East pays West 80 points ((60-20) x 2) = 80 East pays North 40 points ((40-20) x 2) = 40


- The purpose of the game is to see who will get Mah-Jong first. While waiting for the tile you need, also try not to discard the tile that might useful to other players. In another word, when you have two useless tiles, discard the least useful as well as to others.

- If you can Pung or Kong while another player can chow to the same tile, ignore him and go ahead, Pung or Kong has the privilege to get tile first. However, vice versa, if you can chow meanwhile others can Pung or Kong, you have to let it go.

- Must press the tile you want in 3 seconds, otherwise you will miss the chance. That makes a game more exciting.

- Try to remember the cards have been discarded, and those have been formed, it can help you to make better decision on which card to dismiss.

- Take your time when it’s your turn, there isn’t time limits.

- Get rid of East, West, North and South, Middle and Fa first, if they are not in pair or 3 of a kind, they are less useful than the number tiles.